Community Nursing

If you are suffering from any short- or long-term disabilities or illnesses, we can provide you with a
range of nursing care in your home. We understand that being in your own home can provide a level
of comfort not otherwise achieved whilst in hospital. Our specialised staff will assist you in your
recovery and providing ongoing support as it’s required. Swift nurses’ is a registered NDIS Provider
for Community Nursing care. We deliver best practice clinical nursing care to participants in their
own home as part of the NDIS scheme.​ Our highly skilled Registered Nurses are ready to support you
based on your request. Our registered nurses in the community can monitor your blood pressure,
attend to wound dressings with the aim to promote healing, catheter care, diabetics management,
medication management, tracheotomy care, Stoma care, bowel care, medication management and
PEG feed.