Our Story

Swift nurses provide staffing solutions to residential Aged care facilities and disability support services to NDIS participants within New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. At swift nurses, we are committed to provide highly experienced nurses and support staff to assist in maintaining and improving the quality of life for our NDIS participants. Located in Cameron Park NSW,

Our Mission

Is to provide therapeutic care and support to people with disability living with diverse medical conditions. To empower, encourage and enable people who are ageing and have disabilities to enhance their quality of life with dignity and respect,  To evaluate and exceed stakeholders’ expectations. To provide care focused on the holistic view of an individual
Swift Nurses was founded in 2021 with a vision to provide highly skilled, compassionate, and professional nursing staff and Disability support workers to our Aged care and NDIS participants. With the founder’s experience as a registered nurse and a current PhD Nursing candidate the goal to provide best practice nursing care to our clients is assured.

Our Vision

Our mission is to provide therapeutic care and support to people that are ageing, living with disability, and people with diverse medical conditions.

Our Values


Our Team

Our team is made up of, Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, Assistant in Nursing and Disability support workers. Our staff are properly screened and interviewed. It is also required that they must pass registration checks, police checks, and have current accreditations.
 We are committed to a comprehensive recruitment process that ensures we connect the right staff with the most suitable positions, based on their experience and skills to provide the greatest benefit for those in their care. Our process is thorough as we focus on delivering the highest quality service. The safety, dignity and empowerment of our clients is our primary focus. 
We understand that our clients need to feel safe and secure in order to thrive, which is why we place such a strong emphasis on staff training and development. 
All of our staff members are trained to deliver support with these principles in mind, and we are committed to ensuring that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to provide the highest level of care possible.